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UES Condo Attempts to Evict Resident for Setting Kitchen on Fire

Sometimes, even condo board craziness is still capable of surprising us. Take the case of Wei De Ren, a resident of 225 East 86th Street now facing eviction because he keeps leaving food burning on the stove. Yes, really. The condo board tried to evict Ren for the first time in 2008, alleging that he filled the building's hallways with smoke after forgetting that he was cooking "while apparently intoxicated" on three separate occasions. The board and Ren settled, the Post explains, on the condition that Ren hire a cook and promise not to use his own stove. But Ren's smoke signals hit the building hallway again last month, leading the board to file an eviction suite in Manhattan Supreme Court last week. Ren, meanwhile, says that his smoke alarm went off accidentally on several of the occasions cited by the board?and that he only drinks sake. But where there's smoke, is there fire?
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