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Check Out the Most Cartoonish Apartment in Harlem

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As the brokerage community continues to splinter into tiny little pieces (thanks, technology!), we're seeing a lot of experimentation with the lifeblood of the industry: the real estate listing. Now everyone has a chance to show off properties in unique ways while standing out on a personal level. Maybe that's through using hot models or stuffed animals, or maybe it's through...Family Guy-style cartoon characters! Harlem broker Todd Stevens, no stranger to gimmickry, has figured out the best use for online DIY tool Go! Animate: Pitching a $650,000 co-op at 148 West 131st Street. We're no studio big shots, but maybe the place would sell quicker if the characters were more likeable?
· Video: 148 West 131st Street [YouTube]
· Listing: 148 West 131st Street #5 [Elliman]

148 West 131st Street, New York, NY