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South Slope Townhouse Looks Kind of Like the Essence of Tribeca

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Were you looking at this loft touting itself as "the essence of Tribeca" at 176 Duane Street and hating yourself for not listening to your parents and refusing to get an MBA? Well, this townhouse in South Park Slope at 362 14th Street might be a cheaper option. It's hard to find too many flaws with the interior, it's all looking pretty good in fact. Well that last shot of the kitchen looks like it needs a little tinkering, but nothing major that would be a dealbreaker. It's not prime Park Slope, so the price of $2,100,000 might be a little ambitious. Maybe it would have been a better move to have priced below the $2,000,000 psychological barrier? Either way, we can see this place getting a lot of interest.

· 362A 14th Street [Corcoran]