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Coney Island is a Real Scream; Tribeca's Black Ooze Lawsuit

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CONEY ISLAND?Want a glimpse of the future of Coney Island? Then check out Scream Zone, four new thrill rides operated by Central Amusement International, which also created Luna Park on the former Astroland site (and battled with the boardwalk businesses). Scream Zone has the first major roller coasters to open at Coney since the Cyclone in 1927, and today the ribbon was cut switch was flipped by Mayor Bloomberg and Brooklyn mascot Marty Markowitz. Scream Zone will be open on weekends until Memorial Day, at which point it, like Luna Park, will be open every day for the season. Check out the press release for more. []

TRIBECA?An irate Duane Street townhouse owner is accusing local star chef David Bouley of ruining the block. In a totally awesome lawsuit, lawyer Robert Curtis says the Bouley Studio eatery recklessly dumps its trash and ignores neighborhood complaints. Bouley's methods have led to "an infestation of fruit flies, blood-sucking bugs, bugs that just raise welts, odors of rotting garbage, seeping black ooze through the floor and dangerous waste piled high." Yum! [NYDN]