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Rupert Murdoch's Soho Water Tower Breaks in New Buyer

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The saga of the triplex loft at 141 Prince Street is as epic as its walk-in water tower. Happily, this is one unit to which we never mind devoting some space. A few years ago, the property belonged to Rupert Murdoch. He sold it to design mogul Elie Tahari and his wife, who paid a neighborhood record $24.675 million for the place in 2005. The couple relisted it last year, and they initially seemed willing to take a loss, with a deal on the table for around $22M. But competing offers drove the bidding all the way up to $27.5 million, and Gateway Computers co-founder Ted Waitt emerged victorious.

Here's where the story gets depressing. It turns out Waitt bought the property for his girlfriend?and the couple broke up one week after closing. While we would've hung onto the apartment, Waitt apparently felt differently. He's found a buyer, according to the Observer. City records place the sale at $25 million, but an Observer source says the price was actually $24.5 million. How far we've come from the Murdoch days.
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