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Long Island City's The View 60% Sold, Still Aiming High

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The amenities, prices, and, well, views at Long Island City's The View may have been intended to transform the waterfront, but the waterfront wasn't made aware of that. Sales have been on the sluggish end of the spectrum, and last we checked, the building had made an attempt to heat things up by switching brokers. Which makes us feel like we're repeating ourselves with today's update: the building has made another broker switch. The new sales team is Modern Spaces, the same folks who want LIC to play chess. As for sales, the building is currently 60 percent sold. Is this a case of slow and steady winning the race, or does the PriceChopper need to give things a push? We're guessing the latter, because the average asking price on active listings is still $940/square foot (priciest unit: a $2.038 million 2BR). No sales have closed since November, and the average closing price on recorded sales is $839/square foot. UPDATE: The sales team tells us there have actually been 21 closings since November. Curbed apologizes for the omission.
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