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Harlem's Gateway Building Has Finally Started Selling Units

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We got so used to waiting around for things to happen at the Gateway, the narrow Harlem condo that expands horizontally over the tops of its neighbors, that we missed the launch of sales at the building. Now, the sales team tells us, the 55-unit second phase of for-sale condos is on the market. StreetEasy shows 12 listings that range in price from a $265,000 1BR to a $2.285 million 5BR. We swiped some photos and floorplans from the official listings for the gallery above. How will sales go? Well, they're already going!
In addition to the five listings StreetEasy shows as in contract, the building has seen 10 closings since November 2010. The final prices were pretty close to the asking ones, with the biggest discount at 3.4 percent and one unit going for 1.8 percent over the listing price. Of course, that's after the developer took financing that will essentially prevent him from making any money on the project. You do hate to see that.

The full sales rundown so far:

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