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Arthur Creator Sells Tribeca House After Five Years

There are some perks to creating an enormously popular animated aardvark. For example: getting to live in 19 Jay Street, a Tribeca townhouse designed by architect Deborah Berke. Creator of PBS's Arthur Marc Brown and his wife picked up the 8,300-square-foot townhouse in 2004 for $6.15 million. They just sold it, as noted in today's Post, for $9.755 million. It was most recently asking $10.995 million. A simple flip for a swanky place? Not exactly.
The Browns told the Times in 2006 that they spent millions of dollars renovating the house to restore 19th-century elements, add a rooftop garden, and more. It was actually their eighth major home renovation project, and among the earlier ones was a loft at 183 Mercer Street, purchased in 1998 for $1.75 million and resold in 2004 for $6.1 million.

They weren't so lucky with 19 Jay. They first listed the property for a whopping $15.8 million in 2006, and it saw a series of PriceChops and relistings before the sale this month. Puts that final price tag in a different light, doesn't it?

Here's what the place looks like, courtesy of an old listing:

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