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Long Island City's Star Tower Unexpectedly Comes Back to Life

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Long Island City's Star Tower had big plans to bring glamor to Queens Plaza back in 2008, with an all-glass facade, indoor waterfall Jacuzzi room, and rooftop cabanas. Then a little thing called Lehman happened, and work on Star Tower came to a halt, allowing The View to take the crown as LIC's snazziest new construction. Let's hope it hasn't gotten too comfortable. That's right: Star Tower is back! liQcity sees that construction has restarted at last. The website still appears to be c. 2008, but hey, we'll take any sign of life. UPDATE: Actually, this might not be Star Tower at all.
A tipster points out that the rising building in the above photo is on the lot next to Star Tower, and there's a wall between the two properties. The address for this one appears to be 27-03 42nd Road, which Department of Building permits identify as a Karl Fischer-designed 27-story residential tower approved in 2008. Is a different zombie building coming back to life?
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