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Idling Trains Disturbing Long Island City Condo Buyers

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On our recent visit to new Long Island City condo building The Yard, we took a stroll over to Borden Avenue to get a look at the condo buildings that have popped up on a street where, not so long ago, you wouldn't have wanted to be walking after dark. It was hard to think about those days. It was hard to think about anything, because the incessant hum of idling Long Island Rail Road trains across the street was driving us to the brink of insanity. But we're sure the residents of One Hunters Point, Hunters View and Murano will learn to tune out the noise, right? No. No they will not. Welcome to hell.

We're totally kidding! Kinda. NY1 just aired a piece on residents' complaints about the train yard, which has been there for over 100 years. The LIRR has tried to make things better for the new neighbors, turning off some engines and moving some trains to other parts of the yard, but condo buyers claim the noise is getting worse. An LIRR spokesperson says the spring weather will bring some relief: When the temperature is above 50, there's less of a need to idle the trains. But come winter, and we'll do this again. Hey, at least Murano is getting the conductors back by shining lights in their eyes.
· Long Island City Locals Short On Patience For Idle Trains [NY1]