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Inside a St. Marks Squat Turned Pricey Rental Building

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We never expected to see the day when we didn't recognize 120 St. Marks Place, where owner Benjamin Shaoul brought in the sledgehammers to boot out the long-time tenants. The twist: these tenants were squatters, not actual renters, and the building was known as an artists' colony called The Cave. Since the cave-dwellers, including celebrated local character the "Mosaic Man," left in 2006, the building's temporary certificate of occupancy has expired, notes EV Grieve. But that hasn't stopped the building from getting a bit of a revamp into pricey rentals. One four-bedroom unit hit the market last week, asking $4,600/month...and it's already been rented, according to StreetEasy. 120 St. Marks, we hardly know you anymore! Except when we compare the new look of the building's interior (above) to the old.
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