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Politician's Neighborhood Nickname Rage Triggered by ProCro

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It's the most shocking proposed legislation since prohibition: A Brooklyn state assemblyman's desire to ban brokers from using new neighborhood nicknames without various levels of approval. The Times follows up with Hakeem Jeffries, who is still writing the bill, on what triggered this outburst against the NYC pastime of redefining neighborhoods. Blame ProCro. Though it's not clear whether anyone except a couple of reporters are using the nickname that combines gentrified Prospect Heights with gentrifying Crown Heights, Jeffries, who represents the area, thought it "sounded silly," and he felt compelled to act. "Neighborhoods have a history, culture and character that should not be tossed overboard whenever a Realtor decides it would be easier to market under another name," he said. True, but it's not like a new name gets uttered and it instantly gets put into practice. Except, of course, when it's The Linc. Oops, we mean MiMA. Whatever.
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