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Windermere on the Rebound; Design Disasters Casting Call

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HELL'S KITCHEN?Faded Ninth Avenue landmark the Windermere was bought by controversial developer Larry Gluck two years ago following a long and twisted saga involving an absentee Japanese owner and some squatters. This is what it looks like now. A tipster adds, "Not much of a tip, but just walked by the Windermere at 57th & 9th and there are lots of workers doing façade repairs? looks like it may finally be on the way back." [CurbedWire Inbox]

TV LAND?HGTV is on the hunt for homeowners in the Tri-State area who have an interior decorating disaster on their hands. In their words, "Do you have an interior decorating disaster in your home? Did you attempt a DIY makeover that should have been a DI-Don’t? Has your design dream turned into a nightmare? Then HGTV is looking for you!" Want more details? Then keep on reading.

HGTV is NOW CASTING energetic, motivated homeowners in NY, NJ and CT who want to remedy their failed decorating attempts, no matter what it takes! Friends and families of homeowners may also apply—if you think your friend/relative needs a decorating intervention, let us know! Homeowners, AKA the Design Victims:

• Must have a hideous room (that can be fixed cosmetically). Horrible color schemes, decorating “themes” gone wrong, “kitschy” becoming clutter—all of these are great!
• Must have a family member or close friend who is troubled by the hideousness of the room. (Can be the homeowner him/herself.)
• Must have at least a little sense of humor about the room—willing to take some gentle teasing about it.
• The room may have been designed and decorated by the homeowner, a friend/relative, or even a hired designer.
• Home must be within 60 miles of Manhattan.

If you think you might be a victim of your own self-inflicted design wounds, apply now!

Our design expert will deconstruct your decorating and help you see where things went wrong. Then, let the fun begin! Our host will bring the room down to the bare bones and help you redecorate it—including furniture, window treatments, finishes and accessories—and this time end up with a room you can be proud of!

Taping begins in mid-June, and we are casting ASAP!

To Apply:

Contact Cole Schneider at 303-872-8688

[CurbedWire Inbox]