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Mercedes House-MiMA Competition Heats Up With New Amenities

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Massive Hell's Kitchen rental complex Mercedes House, the Enrique Norten-designed zig-zag formerly known as Clinton Park, has been on the market for about three weeks now. Time for a status check! Happily, the Times provides one. One week into leasing, 18 of the building's units had been rented (out of a total of 250 in the first phase, which will finish construction in May). The rents go as high as $5,900/month for some two-bedrooms, with one month free because the building's still under construction. The second phase, when construction's done in 2012, will add another 600 units, but only 400 will be rentals. The other 200 will be condos, with "roomier layouts" and fancier finishes. Seems like Mercedes House is really taking this MiMA competition seriously?and that's before we've even gotten to the amenities.

Those include an amphitheater, community garden, and large circular pool with wooden decks around it that is intended, developer David Walentas tells the Times, to "evoke a vibe of 'sex, South Beach and Zen.'" At least until the horses arrive.
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Mercedes House

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