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German Design Displayed in $4,500 Rental at FiDi's W Hotel

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You can buy an apartment in the Financial District's towering W New York Downtown Hotel & Residences near the World Trade Center. (Four people have! Including someone from Staten Island just last month.) You can get your boss to put you up in one. You can win one. And now, you can rent one! A Nest Seekers listing for #45A, a 1BR/1BA with 799 square feet is on the market. This is one of the condos with interiors designed by German firm Graft, Brad Pitt's buddies. The price is $4,500 per month, which, for this building, is something of a bargain.

A couple of other 1BR rental listings have popped up in the W before, both priced over $5,000 a month. We couldn't find a record of #45A's sale, but there's also a $1.715 million listing for the apartment that says it's being sold at the original offering price. Pictures of the pad are in the gallery above (check out that view), and here's the itty-bitty floorplan:

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