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Riverside South's New Amenity: Pick-Up Games With Carmelo

New Knick Carmelo Anthony had us speculating about downtown?and even New Jersey?rentals, so he's gone and surprised us. He has actually rented at the Upper West Side's Aldyn and Ashley, according to the Daily News. And not just one place?at least four, for himself and family and some assistants. Anthony himself has been paying $19,000/month for a 4BR Aldyn penthouse for several months, a source tells the Daily News, for a whopping total rent bill once the assistants' places are added to the tab. Perhaps the digs are temporary, until the family has time for an offseason housing hunt. Or maybe Melo will be playing pick-up games with other Riverside South residents once the season winds down.
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The Aldyn

60 Riverside Boulevard, New York, NY 10069