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Bachelor Pad in Police Building Wants $2.7M, Nods Schnabel

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Everyone knows we love the Police Building at 240 Centre Street. Between its heavily pricechopped Gwathmey designed masterpiece and the also heavily pricechopped UFO apartment, there is plenty of wild stuff happening between its walls. This listing just came on the market, and though it's not as bombastic as the aforementioned apartments, it's certainly attractive and nicely renovated. The place is a one bedroom, with the living area on the main level and the bedroom on the mezzanine. The 18 foot ceilings certainly are becoming on the place, but how about the asking price of $2.695M? If past listings are an indication, there is some pricechoppage to be expected. The one thing that we do know is that the owner is a fan of Julian Schnabel (can you spot the Schnabel product placement?), and any fan of The Schnab is a friend of ours.

· Listing: 240 Centre Street 3K [Sotheby's]