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The Gold Coast's Most PriceChopped Building: 998 Fifth

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The status symbol that is 998 Fifth Avenue brought the gold to Fifth Avenue's Gold Coast a century ago by showing townhouse-dwellers how nifty upscale apartment living could be. These days, though, it's like the building has been covered with gold-repellent. A tipster points us to the latest in a line of recent PriceChoppers at the building: #34E. The 14-room co-op first hit the market back in 2007 for a whopping $25 million. As of earlier this month, the apartment and its red, red dining room are asking $19 million. If those numbers sound familiar, it's because another apartment at 998 Fifth recently went through nearly the same choppage. Did it help?
The apartment in question is the building's 5,000-square-foot maisonette, which also has a private 999 Fifth Avenue address. It started at $24 million in November, chopped to $19 million in January, and is now, after a cut last month, down to $17.5 million. Should someone tell #34E it doesn't have to follow in all of the maisonette's footsteps?
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998 Fifth Avenue

998 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY