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The UWS's New Selling Point: Groceries for Grandparents

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Old folks are the new black. On the Upper East Side, they're being lured to the neighborhood with a seniors-only playground. In the Financial District and Battery Park City, a 55-page "Seniors' Guide to Lower Manhattan" pitches the area's worth to our elders. Now, Upper West Side City Councilwoman Gale Brewer wants a piece of that sweet?but not too sweet. It's too cold! Now it's too hot! Take it away?action, and she knows that the best way to a senior's heart is through prescription pills the stomach.

At a symposium called "Becoming Age-Friendly: The Upper West Side," Brewer unveiled the ace up her sleeve: A seniors' guide to UWS grocery shopping. It maps out 23 grocery stores and points out senior-friendly amenities like seating and handicap-accessible restrooms. But here's the thing: Our minds are (relatively) young and sharp and we still find all the symbols confusing. Still, all 500 copies were snapped up in one day. Is there a crossword puzzle on the back or something?
· Seniors-Friendly Guide to Upper West Side Grocery Stores [City Room]