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Brooklyn's Highest Penthouse Rented for $6,300 Per Month

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Who says the Downtown Brooklyn rental market is flooded with inventory? A three-bedroom apartment in The Brooklyner just rented for $6,300 a month! Then again, this isn't an ordinary three-bedroom rental. The 1,500-square-foot space on the 51st floor of Brooklyn's tallest building also features a 585-square-foot private terrace with an outdoor shower, and enjoys all the perks of the amenities-stuffed Lawrence Street building (Skee ball, anyone?). The apartment was also previously asking $7,500, so the tenants who took it can try to sell their buddies on this actually being a bargain.

The Brooklyner is now 99% leased and under the full control of Equity Residential, which developed the building with the recently deceased Clarett Group. The last time we were in this apartment it had just been used and abused for a photo shoot, so reps sent us some fresh shots of the staged space. Check out that last visit to see the impressive views.

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