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998 Fifth Avenue Pad Still Waiting for a Buyer at $34 Million

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Fancy Upper East Side co-ops don't usually like the spotlight, but 998 Fifth Avenue is hogging it. The apartment building known for making apartments cool has also become known more recently for hefty PriceChoppage, including $6 million off one 14-room apartment earlier this month. Can anything top that? Yep, and we only have to go a few floors down.

Pictured above is another of the building's 14-room co-ops, #5W, which returned to market yesterday after a six-month hiatus. Its reappearance might be a sign of confidence in the luxury market, because only the broker has changed. The asking price is still a whopping $34 million. Of course, that's ignoring the apartment's pre-official listing phase, when it was quietly looking for $45 million.
According to the old Observer story on that quiet listing, the apartment, owned by a banker, is a 7,000-square-foot space renovated by Stephen Sills and James Huniford to include a desk "designed to resemble a Greek temple" and plenty of other fun features. And then there are the things 998 Fifth apartments have that other buildings don't, including fireproofed front doors and jewelry safes in the walls of every apartment.

Given all that, and aside from the slight weirdness of a floorplan without elevators or staircases, the apartment looks about as we'd expect. After all, every $34 million co-op needs a reception room:

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998 Fifth Avenue

998 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY