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Mystery Buyer Plans to Pay $47 Million for UES Townhouse

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The big mansion sale of 2010 was Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's purchase of Fifth Avenue's Duke Semans mansion for $44 million. But now it's time for Slim to move over for our old friend Anonymous. The Journal reports that an unknown buyer is in contract to purchase 16 East 69th Street (right) for more than $47 million. And as with the Duke Semans mansion, it looks like there won't be a broker taking home a commission, because the sellers found their own buyer. So who are these enterprising folks?

The townhouse belongs to entrepreneur Roger Barnett and author/heiress Sloan Lindermann Barnett, who paid just $11 million for the place in 2000 but probably spent the same amount on renovations. They once hoped those renovations would bring them an even bigger profit: in 2007, they were quietly asking $62 million for the 33-foot-wide townhouse. At the time, they reportedly turned down an offer in the mid-$50 millions. Now, they're coming in a close second to the Plaza. You do hate to see that.
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