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Martha Stewart's Daughter Finally Sells Tribeca Penthouse

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We were starting to think Penthouse E at Tribeca's Ice House, owned by Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis, would be a market lifer. The quick history: the 3,884-square-foot apartment has tried the whole gamut of prices in hope of a sale, from 2009's PriceUpper to $12.95 million, the unit's peak price, to January's PriceChopper. That decrease finally brought the apartment below the eight-digit psychological barrier, to a price tag of $9.5M. And the sale—yes, the sale!?brings that price down even further. According to a deed that hit public record today, buyers James and Kerianne Flynn have picked up the place for $8.6 million. For that chunk of change they'll get a place designed "for stylish and effortless entertaining" of the sort that requires two dishwashers. But we're guessing Martha?who paid $2.953 million for the place in 1999?won't be back.

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