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Coney Island Goes Back in Time for Will Smith Flick

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No, some enterprising wiener salesman is not trying to undercut the business at Nathan's. This is one of the old-timey booths being set up at Coney Island for the filming of Men in Black III, which is taking over parts of Coney and sending it back to 1969. Writes one message boarder: "I saw the stands and a fourtinue telling booth and a sign that said 40cent Hotdogs and Corn-On-The-Cob! all sitting on the boardwalk at the end of Jones Walk today! The prizes at the game booths were Astranuts and Space Shuttles! 1969 the year of the moon landing and cheep hotdogs! Thoes were the days... I wish this thing had spell check." Think the studio's insurance covers Will Smith taking a ride on the Cyclone?
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