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Billionaire Buys Stalled Soho Project That Planned Private Pools

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Among all the luxury condo conversions planned during the boom, there were a few reasons why 476 Broome Street, aka 62 Wooster Street, stood out. The building had a planned average unit size of 7,500 square feet, with each unit containing a home theater and gym, living room, great room, and dining room. The lobby would have had its own art gallery, plus an art storage facility. And then there were the private rooftop swimming pools for each of the five units, rendered at right. Alas, it was not to be. The building was scheduled for a foreclosure auction, with a lien of $32.3 million, on March 17.

Now Real Estate Weekly reports that Jeff Greene, a billionaire who made his money betting against subprime mortgages, has purchased the building for $26.27 million. No word yet on what Greene plans to do with the building. But if anyone's gonna understand a billionaire's need for a private rooftop pool, it's another billionaire.
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62 Wooster Street

62 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012