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The Hangover II: Air-Space-Invading 'Burg Building Outed

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A tipster recently brought our attention to an air rights adventure going on near McCarren Park in Williamsburg, where a new rumored condo building is going up and over a little house on Richardson Street. Out tipster mentioned that the construction goes all the way through to Bayard Street, which helped a commenter identify the very slow-moving project as 64 Bayard Street, seen in the rendering above, plucked from the website of the structural engineer and surprisingly not from the Bob Ross art collection.

The architecture firm is listed as GreenbergFarrow, and there's a fresh permit at 64 Bayard Street for a GreenbergFarrow design sporting six stories and 52 units with cellar parking. Bayard Street is, of course, home to Karl Fischer Row, so you might be wondering why Hot Karl wasn't recruited for this project. He was! Back in 2007 we showed a Fischer design for 64 Bayard, but it looks like his vision was replaced by this boxy black number. Upgrade? Here's what the Bayard Street hangover looks like via Google Street View:

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64 Bayard Street

64 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY