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Washington Square Park Greek Revival House Wants $25 Million

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How to get our attention early on a Wednesday morning: price a Greenwich Village townhouse at $25 million. The headline-grabber in question is 23 Washington Square North (right), one of the 1830s Greek Revival houses right on the park. Its tenant history isn't exactly illustrious?the original owner was the wife of a guy who worked in the dry goods business, and the first tenant was a dry goods merchant?so maybe it's the proximity to the I am Legend houses that raises the price?

Regardless, the place is set up right now as a seven-unit apartment building, with the longest current lease expiring in September 2012. Some of the rentals fetch hefty prices: the 2BR, 2.5BA penthouse was asking $8,900/month last year, according to StreetEasy, and even a 1BR was asking $4,775/month. Of course, the rental business isn't what it used to be. That penthouse failed to rent, it appears, for its initial ask of $12,500/month. So maybe a single-family conversion would be in the home's best interest.
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