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Controversial 360 Smith Street About to Hit the Rental Market

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All eyes in Carroll Gardens are on 360 Smith Street, thanks to the controversy and delay that have surrounded the building, not to mention the switch from a Robert Scarano design to the current Armand Quadrini and KSQ Architects version. Now Pardon Me for Asking has gotten hold of the building's brochure (as rumored, it will be rentals), and there are lots of interesting goodies therein. First, there's the epic rooftop rendering included in the gallery above. Then there's the good news on rents, which is that the first month is free. And the bad news, which is the actual rents.
The handwriting on the floorplans gives us our first look at the rent numbers. The G-line apartments, which are 1,092-square-foot 2BR, 2BAs, are $3,800/month on the second floor and go up to $4,150/month on the fourth floor. The A-line apartments, 1,105-square-foot 2BR, 2BAs, are $3,995/month on the second floor and $4,200/month on the third floor. The J-line units, at 1,613 square feet, will range in rent from $5,750/month to $6,050/month. Any takers, or will those numbers need to come down?
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360 Smith Street

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