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You've Never Seen a Brooklyn Loft Like This Before

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Let's talk about this apartment at 423 Atlantic Avenue, one of Boerum Hill's few loft buildings, that's asking $799,000. Here are some things you should know about it!

1) It's located in the "historic Ex-Lax factory building."
2) It has a cocoon.
3) It's been PriceChopped three times in six months.
4) Or maybe it's a hive?
5) There is an open house this Sunday.
6) On second thought, we're going with cocoon.

You may be asking yourself: Wait, what? Come, let us learn together.

This is what happens when an opera singer marries a Goldman Sachs VP and together they let their architect friends run wild. That's the Cliff's Notes version of the story of the 1,300sqft loft, which had a spread in the June 2008 issue of Dwell magazine. The strange structure, designed by Openshop Studio (they call it the "Hive Loft" on their website), is made of oriented strand board (OSB) and contains a child's bedroom.

The kid has grown up a bit since the story was published, and maybe she's at that age where she no longer wants to live in a strange man-made cave. Chris Showalter and AInsley Ryan bought the second-floor co-op in June 2006 for $739,000. They tried to get $899,000 for it, but then came the choppage. Sadly, this bizarre vision may not last. The listing says the owners will remove the structure at the buyer's request. First Atlantic Yards bulldozes some blocks and now this? Is nothing sacred anymore, Brooklyn?

Did we mention there's a "master" sleeping alcove behind the hive with walls covered in felt? Because there's that, too. See you at the open house!

· Listing: 423 Atlantic Avenue #2E [Elliman]
· Hive Minded [Dwell via Google Books]

423 Atlantic Avenue

423 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY