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FiDi's 40 Gold Finally Ready for Renters Who'll Pay $2,400/Month

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New FiDi rental building 40 Gold originally planned a June 2010 opening. Hey, one digit off isn't bad, right? Move-ins start June 1, and the Post has some details on just what's going on with the Meltzer Mandl Architects-designed building. We already had a hint from the amenities list (roof terrace and barbecue grill, private gym, and club room) that the building was aiming for a single young person crowd. Another clue: the 56-unit building consists solely of studios and 2BRs meant for roommates, where the bedrooms are separated by the living room, kitchen, and closets. The studios, around 550 square feet, start at $2,400/month. The 1,000-square-foot 2BRs start at $4,200/month. We don't see any listings online yet, but a few of the floorplans from the building website are in the gallery above.
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40 Gold St Apartments

40 Gold St, New York, NY