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Two (Potential!) New East Village Historic Districts Get Mapped

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[Click to expand! Images via the Landmarks Preservation Commission.]

New York City's protectors of days gone by are looking to spread the landmarks love to the East Village in a big way. The Landmarks Preservation Commission has set the boundaries for two study areas that could be designated historic districts, therefore dipping the buildings in amber and freezing them in time until some scientist in the future discovers them and clones dinosaurs from their DNA. The LPC just met with property owners in the neighborhood to discuss the ramifications of such a move, and now the commission has put maps of the two study areas on its website ahead of a public presentation on May 12. Behold, your potential new-old East Village landmarks!

The focus is on preserving the neighborhood's 19th-century residential buildings, and above is the biggie, nearly 300 buildings between the Bowery and Avenue A, and East 2nd Street up to St. Marks Place. Seen below is the smaller study area, which is the north side of Tompkins Square Park. There may still be changes regarding what is or isn't included, but when the LPC gets this far in the process, you'd better believe some shizz is getting protected, yo. Landlords and developers, you have been warned.

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