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Soho Building Has a Horrible Secret Hidden in its Walls, Supposedly

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This one's so inflammatory that names have been removed, slight edits have been made and Gatorade bottles have been tarnished forever. We added the Horror Stories graphic because this is horrific:

I worked on a project at [Soho building that shall go unnamed]. [Redacted] and [Redacted] are the developers, and working next to the two made me wonder if they were on the lam from Interpol. Anyway the entire construction process was done haphazardly and sloppy...contractor workers did not have any access to the bathrooms in the building, so majority of the gatorade bottles filled with urine ended up sheetrocked behind the walls. Once [redacted] handed the units over to the buyers after the TCO, took the money and ran, things really started to turn around. Floors started to buckle, windows leaking, waterproofing in the showers was covering only portion of the shower floor. When repair work was performed, up to 3 feet of rubbish was found inside the partition walls. I noticed that one apartment just sold and was put back on the market, and I'm wondering if the buyer's decision to get rid of the unit is due to the quality of the work in the building.If the Gatorade thing is true, our faith in humanity is lost forever. Ever heard of anything like this? Please say no. Dirty Laundry Day ScandalMeter: 8.7/10. (It's going to take dead bodies buried under floorboards to score a perfect 10.)
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