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Irish Economy's Collapse is Manhattan Townhouse Buyer's Gain!

One of the guys who helped turn Ireland's economy into the "Celtic Tiger" during the go-go years?only to end up hundreds of millions in the red?is Derek Quinlan, who also has a taste for luxury real estate around the world. His company bought two East 64th Street townhouses in 2005: 20 East 64th Street, for $26.25 million, and 54 East 64th Street, which set Quinlan back $18.74 million. In recent years, as the walls came tumbling down, he's tried to sell both for big profits, without much success. But after a couple years and some big price cuts, 20 East 64th Street is now in contract to a mystery buyer, the Wall Street Journal reports. The most recent asking price was $29.5 million, but the final sale price should be interesting. A glimpse inside the 25' wide stunner is seen above.

The price on 54 East 64th Street has been sitting at $25 million for a while, and though the Journal story says the house is currently off the market, it just got re-listed yet again by Sotheby's. We think we can safely assume the asking price is negotiable.
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20 East 64th Street

20 East 64th Street, New York, NY