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Toren Ignorin' Instead of Explorin' Warring Resident's Flooring?

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Things are finally heating up at Dirty Laundry Day HQ, and not from the dryer cycle! To wit:

The luxury Downtown Brooklyn/Fort Greene high-rise condominium Toren is reportedly experiencing legal troubles with a resident/owner. The owner has taken Toren's sponsor, BFC Partners, to court over unfinished punchlist items. The owner won a judgment against BFC Partners in Brooklyn civil court, but after failing to appear for the court date, BFC is now attempting to further draw out what has been a nearly year-long dispute by challenging the judgment. Lessons learned: Get punchlist items taken care of before closing to avoid problems down the road."This is all news to Toren developer Don Capoccia, who tells us (through a rep) BFC "hasn't been served with any lawsuit about this. As we continue to sell apartments, we continue to address all punchlist items, as we always have." Possible Dirty Laundry Day subterfuge?! Now we're talking. Dirty Laundry Day ScandalMeter: 4.5/10
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150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201