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Harlem Condo Building Gets Toasty, Neighbor Gets Roasty

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Our Dirty Laundry Day 2011 kicks off with this tipster report from Harlem:

I was visiting The Douglass (2110 Frederick Douglass Boulevard) and found out that on Wednesday mid-day, there was a fire in the basement of the new SoHa condo building. Six inches of water was in the basement, which includes tenant storage areas... But what you should really know is that there was also a CRAZY fire in the building behind The Douglass -- i.e. the building all the units look out on. And so now the view is of this crazy abandoned blown-out building with no windows and like mattresses dangling out the empty windows (pics above). And it has been a month since the fire! My friend's terrace looks right at it, too, and calls to 311 and the Buildings Department have done nothing. Pitfalls of gentrification, I guess.

A tiny fire and an ugly view? Dirty Laundry Day ScandalMeter: 2/10.
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The Douglass Condominium

2110 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, New York, NY