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$14 Million Heights Mansion Fancies Itself a Capote House Killer

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Curbed Weekend Editor and Brooklyn townhouse specialist Bilal Khan chimes in on a weekday(!) because this simply could. not. wait.

Back in the early days of 2011, Brooklyn Heights's Truman Capote house got PriceChopped down to $15,900,000 after an initial ask of $18M. Even with the cut, it was pretty much in a league of its own. Until now that is. 24 Remsen Street just hit the market and it's hoping to get $14,000,000 for its 9,250 square feet of Brooklyn livin' (that's about $1,500 per square foot). Right now it's configured as a four family house, but if you were to give it the single-family status it so sorely begs for, it'll be a 12 bedroom, 10 bathroom home. That means plenty of room for storing guests from Manhattan who might come by for a visit.

Oh yeah, it's got those killer promenade views, too. Plus it's not a block everyone is bailing out on. On the other hand, it's not quite as charming as 70 Willow Street and without the prestigious history. So, has this place left the Capote house in cold blood, begging for mercy? Or maybe it'll just suffer the same pricechopped fate as its literary sibling.
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