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Lawsuit-Scarred Plaza 'Attic' Now Asking $37.5 Million

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Back in 2008 when the world was ending, seriously scary Russian dude Andrei Vavilov sued the developers of the Plaza Hotel for fraud. Vavilov signed a contract to buy two penthouses for a combined $53.5 million, but now that it was time to close, he didn't like what he was seeing. The penthouses were "attic-like" spaces that didn't deliver on the ceiling heights, unobstructed views and general opulence that the developers had promised. The two sides sparred for months, with the Plaza suing Vavilov right back for defamation. Eventually there was an agreement: Vavilov put his $10.7 million deposit towards the smaller of the two penthouses (which he later sold for $8.4 million), and the triplex penthouse went back to the developers. Now that unloved stepchild is finally on the open market, asking $37.5 million. Let's have a look, shall we?

What took so long for this epic pad to finally go public? Maybe the developers were riding out the storm. Now that Russians are back to paying $48 million for Plaza condos, this would seem like a good time to list the penthouse. And maybe the "custom upgrades" had something to do with the delay. Check out some of the details from the Stribling listing:

Penthouse 2009 unfolds across three floors, linked by a dramatic cantilevered sculptural staircase and private elevator. With a uniquely impressive array of custom upgrades that exceed even the standard high-end Plaza finishes, this spectacular loft-style residence offers 6,319 interior and 229 exterior square feet. There are a total of four Park-view bedrooms, 5 baths, 2 separate sitting areas and a paneled Library/Family Room with wood burning fireplace. One enters PH 2009 to find a nearly 80-foot expanse for entertaining, comprised of Sitting, Living, and Formal Dining Rooms and illuminated by a wall of windows facing Central Park.Sounds rather lovely for an attic, no? Will it sell for $37.5 million and prove Vavilov wrong? He probably doesn't care all that much. He's since moved on to a $37 million penthouse at the Time Warner Center. We, on the other hand, can't wait to find out. For now, here's a very large floorplan to gawk at.

· Listing: Triple Mint Terrace Triplex @ The Plaza [Stribling]

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