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Interior Design Editor Cindy Allen Lists Brooklyn Heights Apartment

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It's not hard to understand why this place grabbed our attention. It's not every day you see something so striking in Brooklyn Heights, a neighborhood known for its traditional homes. After a little investigating into this anomaly we found out that this 1,700 square foot apartment at 205 Hicks Street is indeed the home of Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen. It's certainly not for everyone as the pictures will make obvious, but she isn't apologizing for it. She says, "As an editor, you become adept at mingling styles from every period and, just like the magazine, our collection is all about the mix. Residential meets commercial. Contemporary lives alongside vintage." All well and good, but what about the asking price of $1,695,000? It doesn't sound too out of this world for a four bedroom apartment in the Heights. On the flip side there are only two bathrooms. Even so, we wouldn't be surprised if this place gets scooped up.

· 205 Hicks Street #2CD [BHS]