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Kent Avenue is Williamsburg's Gold Coast

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WILLIAMSBURG?Folks, it's all happening on Kent Avenue, Williamsburg's favorite rezoned waterfront post-apocalypticish thoroughfare. The bobo mecca that is the Brooklyn Flea just made its summer debut on the empty lot that will one day be the third Edge tower, and the crowds were epic. And speaking of the Edge, the two towers are now 50% sold or in contract, a huge milestone for the 565-unit behemoth, which is selling at a rate of around 25 units per month (though not everyone is a satisfied cusotmer). But that's not all! Crain's takes a gander at the avenue and is pretty bullish on its future, now that the shovels are coming out again on previously stalled projects like 111 Kent. So cheer up, Northside Piers buyers, and bank on a nice resale in 10 years or so. [Racked; Real Deal; Crain's]

The Edge

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