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Record-Breaking Plaza Condo Sale is Now Official

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We've already devoted many pixels to it, but let's close the loop on a recent record-breaker, the sale of a 12th-floor unit at the Plaza for $48 million, the highest price ever paid for a New York City condo. Russian composer Igor Krutoy and his wife made the purchase after the most epic real estate search possible in the limited radius of 15 Central Park West, the Plaza, and the Time Warner Center. The deal hit public record today, and even though the buyers' identity has already been unmasked, the deed hides them behind 1 Central Park South Realty LLC. The deed also lists the property as two separate units, #1207 and #1209. But previous reports have said the apartments are already combined, and #1209 is listed as "condo unit without kitchen," so we're gonna say this one still counts. #1207 last sold in December 2007 for $14,893,948, and #1209 on the same date for $22,546,363. How far they've come.
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