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Hell's Kitchen's Clinton Park is Now Hell's Kitchen's Mercedes House

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'Tis the season of the exorbitantly priced rental tower, so hey, what's one more? In a naming rights deal that must have slipped under our radar, Clinton Park?the massive zig-zagging Eleventh Avenue rental complex designed by Enrique Norten for developer Two Trees?is now known as Mercedes House. Oh, and the leasing office opened today and move-ins start next month. The website doesn't have much info, and neither does the leasing office. We gave the Two Trees folks a buzz this morning, but they couldn't give us any information on prices just yet, so our MiMA vs. Mercedes showdown is postponed. But we ask: Is the neighborhood big enough for the both of them?

The Hell's Kitchen megabuilding has a space-age Mercedes-Benz dealership in its base, so people would have probably dubbed Clinton Park "the Mercedes building" anyway. Then again, it also has stables for the NYPD's Mounted Unit, so maybe locals would have just called it Smellyville? The website may not offer much right now, but it does sport the pretty cool Mercedes House logo and this very insightful tag line: "Designed For Life." Damn right! Read it and weep, Reaper! (If you have tear ducts.) At last check, Phase I of the project included 222 rental apartments, with 700 more to come once the credit market starts purring like a German-engineered motor.
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Mercedes House

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