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First Look Inside Revamped High Line Hugger 245 Tenth Avenue

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Hours before the city's highest-profile brokers raise a glass in the revived corpse of 245 Tenth Avenue, the first crop of new listings in the High-Line-straddling West Chelsea condominium have popped up on the market. The 11-story building was mothballed by the credit crunch a couple of years back, its steel shell becoming one of the real estate bust's biggest local mysteries. It's been brought back to life by a new team, and word on the street was asking prices would approach what the spaces were going for when they first hit the market in 2007. How'd that pan out?

Elliman's Luxury Loft team of Leonard Steinberg and Hervé Senequier have put up listings for four of the building's 18 units, including one of two penthouses. Here's what we're looking at, and how the apartments were priced pre-meltdown.

#3E: 1BR/2BA/office with 1,491sqft asking $1,725,000; last asking: $1,795,000; PriceChop: 3.9%.
#4W: 2BR/3BA with 2,349sqft asking $2,900,000; last asking: $2,975,000; PriceChop: 2.5%.
#8E/9E: 2BR (possible 3BR)/3BA/office duplex with 3,009sqft asking $4,000,000; last asking a combined $4,145,000 as separate listings; PriceChop: 3.5%.
#PHW: 2BR/3BA with 2,524sqft (and a private 1,864sqft roof terrace) asking $5,000,000; last asking: $6,200,000; PriceChop: 19%.

So it looks like those pre-Lehman dreams are indeed still alive at 245 Tenth Avenue, though the penthouse has been given a nice trim. The listings and 245 Tenth website have a mix of photos that appear to be shot in two model units (#3E and #4W perhaps?), and the highlights are seen in the gallery above, along with a lobby rendering.

The metallic exterior of the building, designed by Della Valle Bernheimer, is supposed to be a nod to the High Line, but the interiors take their cues from something else that West Chelsea is known for. Feeling those art-inspiring lofty vibes?
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245 Tenth Avenue

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