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High Above the High Line at 245 Tenth Avenue's Shiny Shindig

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Parties: We like them! Invite us to yours!

Event: Preview party at the snazzy new development 245 Tenth Avenue, Monday, April 4, in the very same unit viewed on Curbed earlier this week.
Dresscode: Chelsea eveningish.
Notable Guests: Building broker and dapper gent Leonard Steinberg, architects from the folks behind the eye-splitting building facade, Della Valle Bernheimer, and Todd Lippiatt of Aristone Realty Capital, the developer that led the group that bought the building out of bankruptcy and brought it back from the brink of obliteration.
Notable View: Phase Two of the High Line, shimmering in the early evening gray just below the party's fifth-floor perch. For those scoring at home, rails have been relaid up to 245 Tenth's location at 24th Street—but not further north. Also: written into the building's bylaws is a standing $10,000 annual donation to Friends of the High Line. Unless the buyers decide to do away with it, because of their hatred of nature and all things nice and good.
Soundtrack: Classical piano music, played on a baby grand. Très classy.

Menu: Passed hors d'oeuvres including a "corn madeline" and, natch, tuna tartare on one of the crackers that looks like a Thom Mayne facade.
Decor: Design Within Reachesque, with one very special touch: a white amorphous chair in one unit's bedroom that has to be the single gayest piece of furniture ever created. Also, the most uncomfortable. Also, we sort of loved it. Photo in the gallery above. Floorplan porn here.
Flooring Material: Oak floors, lightly stained. That's a big change from the building's previous ownership, which had opted for dark floors throughout all units. Who says the real estate market isn't lightening up?
Ceiling: A normal white paint, not the poured concrete look that defined the first iteration of 245 Tenth. (Apparently, the cement work left something—like an orderly flow—to be seen.) The concrete vibe—so hot in 2008, if we remember correctly—survives in pillars here and there.
Awkward Moment: Our photographing the Stop Work Order prominently affixed to the building's front door. Almost as embarassing: photographing the elevator permit that showed the elevator's first inspection took place over two years ago. Photos in the gallery above.
Price: The party took place in the fifth-floor units, selling for (if we remember correctly), $1.7 million and, on the High Line side, $3.3 million, respectively. For availability, hit up the development's official site.
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245 Tenth Avenue

245 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10001