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Hip-Hop DJ Opening Music-Inspired Hotel in Sunset Park

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When one thinks Park Slope, a boutique hotel owned and operated by a beat-blasting DJ probably doesn't spring to mind. But here comes Hotel BPM, which, according to its bare bones website, "will open its doors this Summer in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood." Dig a little deeper, though, and you'll see that the address is 139 33rd Street, a quiet block planted alongside the Gowanus Expressway in?dun dun dun!?Sunset Park. Guess Park Slope has better tourist appeal?

Word of Hotel BPM found its way to us through HotelChatter, which adds that the 75-room inn is the work of DJ BIJAL. BPM (which stands for beats per minute) will "feature trendsetting decor, environmentally-conscious amenities, and a DJ BIJAL-selected soundtrack streaming throughout the boutique property." Sounds...relaxing? According to his Facebook page, DJ BIJAL has been previewing the hotel's soundtrack on AOL Radio and other places, and according to his website, BPM is a "fun trendy hotel located near the Barclay [sic] Center."

So what the heck does this place look like? We're not sure, as there don't seem to be any photos or renderings. An old Google StreetView trip down the block shows a steel skeleton rising over the neighbors' tiny frame houses. Hope they like beats.
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