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Related Exec Hopes His Penthouse Will Fetch $18.9 Million

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Why Related Companies president Jeff Blau probably wasn't too upset about that 820 Fifth turndown a few years back: he moved on to a $21.5 million penthouse at 1040 Fifth Avenue, Oh, and he already had his very own personally-designed penthouse at The Chatham. Robert A.M. Stern cures all ills! But now that Blau and family are finally, as of December, settled at 1040 Fifth (they say they outgrew the Chatham space with the arrival of child #2), it's time to put the Chatham property on the market. The Journal announces that the place is asking $18.9 million, or a whopping close-to-$6,000/square foot. Blau's hoping his personal touches?a 23-foot-high glass-walled dining room and a stainless-steel staircase, among other things?will bring in that amount. Broker Leighton Candler tells the Journal the ask is in line with previous unsolicited offers for the apartment, so maybe Blau's on to something.

And the floorplan:

· Listing: 181 East 65th Street - Apt PH [Corcoran]
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The Chatham

181 East 65th Street, New York, NY