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Harrison Ford's Former Central Park West Duplex Asks $25M

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Before he was an earring-wearing, Ally McBeal-marrying, Chelsea-loft-living kind of dude, Harrison Ford could be found in a massive duplex at stuffy 101 Central Park West, a building so classy it doesn't even need a name. That was during his last marriage, to screenwriter Melissa Mathison, and after the building's co-op board turned down a neighbor's attempt to buy the megaspread on the 14th and 15th floors, the ex-couple sold the 6,000-square-foot apartment to Fortress Investment Group billionaire Peter Briger. Now Briger is also leaving the Upper West Side, heading to Chelsea's spiritual kin on the West Coast, San Francisco, and he's ready to unload his pre-war palace.

Last month the Post reported that Briger has been quietly asking $26 million for the apartment, but the whisper campaign apparently didn't go as well as he'd hoped. There's now a Corcoran listing for the place online, and the asking price is $25 million, not counting that $12,617 monthly maintenance tab. Did we mention the master bedroom has 30 feet of Central Park frontage? That might help reduce the sticker shock.

The listing photos are a bit tiny and cluttered, but there are more photos on architect Allan Greenberg's website of what appears to be the former Ford abode. Greenberg's name is on some permits for interior renovations on the 14th and 15th floors done in the '90s, and the photos of his finished work look like a match. Here's a glimpse:

And here's the $25 million floorplan, with a rear spiral staircase so the help can go from the laundry room and kitchen to the staff bedroom without being seen.

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