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Sutton Place Building Not Actually on Sutton Place

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With the great UES vs. UWS war of 2011 resolved, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has smaller fish to fry. Namely, a dispute over the name of 420 East 61st Street, the 2003 tower that developer Sheldon Solow decided to call One Sutton Place North. The residents of the actual Sutton Place weren't having any of it then, and they aren't having any of it now. DNAinfo reports on their continued campaign to get some action from the borough president's office, which finally sent a letter to Solow in November asking him to stop with the One Sutton Place North business. (The real One Sutton Place North, one neighborhood resident tells DNAinfo, is a 1920s townhouse built for Anne Harriman Vanderbilt.) Not only are the residents of Sutton Place upset about the geographical inaccuracy, but they also worry that the naming issue gives Sutton Place itself too much of a commercial association. Stringer's office is "still exploring our legal options."
While we're on the subject, here are some other possibly fake addresses that demand immediate attention: One Beacon Court, 3 Columbus Circle, 1 Grand Central Place, One Bryant Park, One Madison Park, One York. Other nominations in the comments, if you please.
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