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Neighbors Say Tyra Banks's Riverhouse Renovation is Too Fierce

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Battery Park City's Riverhouse condo pitches itself as extreme eco-friendly luxury, where residents get a tranquil oasis to help cleanse their environment and their minds. But it sounds like the building has turned toxic, at least in the wing that contains the Tyra Banks compound. The former model and current media mini-mogul is combining four apartments on the 22nd and 23rd floors (purchased for around $10 million) into a duplex, and that renovation has now dragged on nine months past its estimated completion date. Neighbors, Page Six reports, are not pleased. We're talking call-the-cops not pleased, which they did, over "ear-rattling drilling," paint fumes and other inconveniences of construction. What could possibly ease their pain? A big fat check, of course!

According to Page Six's sources, "Numerous neighbors, meantime, have requested compensation of up to $100,000 for the inconvenience over the past year -- but without success." We can't fault them for trying: Tyra does have the word "bank" in her name, though maybe the neighbors should have asked for a nice set of Bose noise-canceling headphones instead. A building rep told the gossip sheet that construction is almost finished, so the Riverhouse environment?which has been through serious drama in the past?will soon be calm, peaceful and healing once again.
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