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Derek Jeter Rents at Trump World, David Cone Buys at Lucida

Derek Jeter already owns a $20 million apartment at Trump World Tower, which he put on the market last year. Turns out he's not trying to leave the Trump team, though. The Post reports Jeter has rented a $15,500/month 2BR in the same building. Why the switch to renting? Because a neighbor's noisy construction was interrupting Jeter's sleep. That must be why the $20 million listing is still lingering on the market.
Other baseball players seem to prefer Extell buildings and their La Palestra fitness centers. A-Rod bought at the Rushmore and David Wright is renting at the Lucida?and now retired pitcher David Cone will be joining him there. His purchase of #8C, a 4BR, 3.5BA at the 151 East 85th Street building, hit public record late last week. Cone paid $3,767,525 for the apartment, which was once asking as much as $4.347 million.
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The Lucida

151 East 85th Street, New York, NY 10028