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Corcoran Forecasts Big Changes for NYC Skyline

Get ready for some changes to the city's skyline, says Corcoran Sunshine's Kelly Kennedy Mack in the above video. A number of high profile projects that had been stalled by tightening credit and dampened ambitions are coming back to life, and they're bigger and more architecturally driven than the boutique buildings that were in favor in recent years. The surge should transform some neighborhoods, and redraw the Midtown skyline.

The video is one of over 100 recently added to Corcoran's excellent YouTube channel, where company personalities are answering probing questions about New York City real estate and more. There's some inside-baseball stuff here for the real estate geeks out there. But Corcoran is filling out the channel with some quality general interest videos (see "What's the Future of Brooklyn?" and "What's Your Idea of a Perfect Day in Soho?"), which make for a broadly appealing and entertaining watch. So plug in your headphones, grab a sandwich, and check it out. >>